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Spinal Cord Injuries Your Injury, Our Fight

Las Cruces Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

An Accomplished Legal Team Fighting for Spinal Cord Injury Victims in Las Cruces, NM

Spinal cord injuries can dramatically impact an individual's quality of life, often leading to permanent disability, chronic pain, and an inability to work many types of jobs. If you suffered a spinal cord injury due to negligence or because of your employment, you may have the right to compensation, though actually obtaining that compensation can be more difficult than it should be. Choosing the right legal representation to help you in this effort after a spinal cord injury could be one of the most crucial decisions you make in your recovery process. You need a law firm that not only understands the legal complexities but also empathizes with the personal challenges you are facing.

At Buckingham & Vega Law Firm, we understand the gravity of these injuries and are committed to advocating for victims to ensure they receive the compensation they rightly deserve. Our team of compassionate Las Cruces spinal cord injury lawyers have decades of experience securing successful outcomes for our clients. We are prepared to work tirelessly to get you the maximum compensation available, affording you the best possible path to recovery and life adjustment.

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Our Results Make a Difference

Explore How We Have Helped Our Clients
  • $73.21 Million Verdict Birth Injury

    The Buckingham & Vega legal team secured a $73.21 million verdict on behalf of a baby who was catastrophically injured due to the negligence of their doctor and medical team.

  • Record-Setting $72 Million Verdict Birth Injury

    The Buckingham & Vega team obtained a $72 Million verdict in a birth injury case when an OB/ GYN failed to properly monitor the mom during pregnancy.

  • $16 Million Truck Accident

    Buckingham & Vega obtained a $16 million settlement in a truck accident case. The truck driver was speeding and inattentive (texting) and crashed into the rear of a pickup truck stopped at a stoplight.

  • $14 Million Dram Shop Liability

    Our team obtained a $14 million dram shop verdict on behalf of a client who was injured due to negligence.

  • 13 Million Truck Accident

    Our team secured a 13 million settlement in a truck accident case. An eighteen-wheeler made an unsafe turn in front of a car driven by a grandmother and her family. The grandmother was killed and the family suffered severe injuries.

  • 13 Million Work Injury

    Buckingham & Vega represented an oilfield worker who was killed when their company failed to properly train its employees on how to safely move waste bins. Our client was killed when he became trapped between two bins.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury occurs when any part of the spinal cord or nerves at the end of the spinal canal suffers damage. The spinal cord, a vital component of the body's nervous system, is responsible for transmitting messages between the brain and the rest of the body. These messages control motor, sensory, and autonomic functions. Consequently, an injury to the spinal cord can interfere with this communication, leading to loss of function and sensation below the level of injury.

The impact of a spinal cord injury varies widely depending on the severity and location of the injury. In minor cases, victims may experience temporary loss of movement or sensation. However, in more severe cases, spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent paralysis, often referred to as paraplegia when it affects the lower extremities or quadriplegia when it affects both the arms and legs.

Beyond these immediate and visible consequences, spinal cord injuries often lead to a host of secondary conditions that can significantly impede an individual's quality of life. These may include chronic pain, respiratory problems, bladder and bowel dysfunction, and increased susceptibility to infections due to a weakened immune system. Furthermore, victims may also face emotional and mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety, stemming from the drastic changes in their lifestyle and the loss of independence. 

In the aftermath of a spinal cord injury, victims and their families can face an overwhelming burden of medical expenses. This includes costs for initial treatment, ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, and necessary modifications to their home and vehicle. The financial strain, coupled with the emotional and physical challenges, underscores the profound impact a spinal cord injury can have on an individual's life. It also underlines the importance of seeking just compensation when a spinal injury is work-related or caused by negligence.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries in Las Cruces, NM

Spinal cord injuries can result from a range of accidents and incidents, each of which carries different legal implications. Our Las Cruces spinal cord injury attorneys can review your unique circumstances and walk you through your rights and options for recovering compensation.

Spinal cord injuries are frequently caused by:

  • Vehicular accidents. High-speed collisions can cause a substantial amount of force to be exerted onto the spine. Even relatively minor car, motorcycle, or truck accidents have the potential to cause spinal cord injuries. 
  • Falls. Falls can result in serious spinal cord injuries due to the sudden and forceful impact on the spine, which can fracture or dislocate vertebrae. The location and severity of the fall often determine the extent of the injury. Even a slip and fall from a standing height can in some cases cause a spinal cord injury, however. When a fall occurs because of a safety issue a negligent property owner failed to warn you about or resolve, you may have a premises liability case
  • Violence. The forceful penetration of a bullet or blade can directly damage the spinal cord, disrupting the delicate nerve pathways that carry signals to and from the brain. If you were injured in an act of violence that was made possible through inadequate security, you could have a negligent security claim. 
  • Oil field accidents. Oil field workers are routinely exposed to a multitude of risks, including heavy machinery, pressurized lines, and explosive materials, any of which can lead to serious accidents. For example, workers might suffer a fall from a substantial height, be struck by falling objects, or become victims of equipment malfunctions or explosions, all of which can result in forceful impacts to the spine.
  • Construction accidents. Construction sites are similarly rife with potential hazards, making them a significant contributor to spinal cord injuries. They are environments where heavy machinery, elevated platforms, and hazardous materials are commonplace. One wrong move or safety oversight can result in a catastrophic injury.

Types of Compensation Available to Spinal Cord Injury Victims in Las Cruces, NM

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