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Trucking Company Folds Amid Recession

Stop sign that says Bankruptcy and has an attached sign showing a truck

Celadon Group Inc., a larger trucking delivery company, recently filed for bankruptcy and announced that it would be going out of business immediately to the dismay of roughly 4,000 drivers. The news comes as a shock to the now unemployed drivers and many are unsure what they are supposed to do next.

Some drivers were on delivery runs when Celadon announced that they would no longer be operating, leaving some stranded in their company-owned trucks that double as homes while on the road; some drivers will drop their trucks off at nearby truck stops; some will drive their big rigs back to Celadon hubs; all drivers will need to find a way back to their homes across the country with all the belongings they carry in their tractor-trailers.

This news comes amidst a recession in the trucking industry as many companies feel the pinch of rising debts and falling profits. Some companies are staying afloat and have many open positions they can’t fill quickly enough, yet overall, the trucking industry has seen a downturn. The long hours, time away from friends and family, and risk of getting into a trucking accident likely keep many away from pursuing a career in the field.

Some competing trucking companies have begun to hire the now displaced drivers and offered various ways to ensure they arrive home safely. From there, the drivers will head out again to go through orientation and training for their new jobs.

Only time will tell how jobs, payment, and bankruptcies will turn out for trucking companies and we can all only let it run its course. In the meantime, if you have been involved in a trucking accident, either while driving an 18-wheeler, or you were hit by one, our attorneys are here and ready to help protect your rights.

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