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How Delivery Truck Accidents Happen

fedex delivery truck

Delivery truck accidents are surprisingly common due to the high volume of them on the road, the frequency of deliveries they need to make, and partially due to inexperienced drivers or drivers that did not have a proper vetting before being hired. As the holidays draw closer, we’ll see more delivery trucks bringing gifts that will soon be wrapped and under a tree, or handed out to friends and family. With that said, it’s best to know how delivery truck accidents are caused:

Poorly screened drivers:

When delivery trucking companies don’t properly check the backgrounds of their current/potential drivers, the odds increase of someone with a spotted and checkered driving record slipping by. Say a driver has several DUIs on their record: they could have reformed their ways, or they could continue to try and get away with drunk driving. If they drink and get into an accident, especially while in their delivery truck, a Texas trucking accident lawyer will look into that, find their history, and use that to find them liable for additional negligence and damages. The same can be said for moving violations: if a driver has a long history of speeding, tailgating, and other maneuvers, they are likely to fall into those bad habits and cause a delivery truck accident.

Poorly trained & inept drivers:

Delivery trucks have larger blind spots and are harder to control due to their boxy shape and size. When a poorly trained, or inept, the driver is behind the wheel, only bad things can happen as a result. They are likely to misjudge turns, overestimate the space between vehicles and openings to fit, and not properly angle and check their mirrors for other vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians. When delivery truck accidents happen because of poorly trained drivers, an attorney will uncover this lack of training and skill and hold the driver and parent company liable for damages.

You may find yourself the victim of a delivery truck accident. Call our offices today to speak with an attorney about the crash and how we can assist you and get you the financial compensation you deserve.

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