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What a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

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Texas has one of the highest number of trucking accidents occur per year. We have had various cases brought to our attention, and still, people question why an attorney would be useful. Most people come to us for convenience sake, and others come to us to do the difficult part of the job – investigate.

You may hear investigate and think that we look into each piece of the accident and find out exactly how and why the person who was at fault was at fault. While we do do that, what people are really hiring attorneys for is for us to investigate how much money they may be compensated. We are able to nitpick the situation and help you and your family extract every penny that you deserve.

First off, being in a major, even minor, crash or collision can be a huge expense. The medical expenses, property damage expenses and loss of income may all play a role in your accident. Our job is to make sure that you are awarded the exact amount, if not more, that you are owed.

We’ve narrowed down the main reasons why you and your loved ones should consider hiring an attorney in a trucking accident, rather than handling it yourself:

Truck Companies Will Undervalue You

Truck companies want to do their best to remain under the radar and off the grid when it comes to accidents, and they will do their best to give as little monetary compensation as possible. They will try to write you a check that is way less than you deserve and be on their way.

Take More Time for Yourself and Family

A crash or collision with a big rig truck is no small fender bender, and will probably require a recovery period. With an attorney, you can take the time you need to heal and be with your family rather than worrying about your case.

Last but certainly not least, we are experienced. We know what questions to ask and how much you and your family are owed. Post-accident time is a crucial time for families to be together. Let a professional handle the case. We’ve probably seen your case before and we want to help you and your loved ones get through it.

If you find yourself in a trucking accident in the Midland, Texas or Albuquerque, New Mexico area, call Buckingham & Vega today. One of our experienced attorneys would be happy to help you and your family get the guidance you need toward filing a claim.

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