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The Coronavirus Hits the Trucking Industry

coranvirus molecule and an oil tanker in the background

The travel industry isn’t the only one taking massive revenue hits because of the recent Coronavirus outbreak; the trucking industry is seeing its share of reduced profits as Chinese imports, usually transported via trucks from Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, are halted to try to stop the spread of this decade’s epidemic.

The Coronavirus, a group of viruses that is a cousin to the SARS virus, originated in the Hubei province of China, a mere 500 miles from Shanghai, a heavily used port for transporting goods; as infected people and products moved from the Hubei province to the ports, the virus had ample victims to infect and new ways to travel around the globe. As many of the goods in the US come from China, there was a high chance that many people would become infected — and they have.

Since the US has halted entry to people who have been to China in the last month, imports have reduced, meaning that there are fewer loads for truck drivers to carry with Chinese goods. Additionally, some companies have halted transporting goods originating in China until the novel Coronavirus outbreak is contained, taking a hit to their bottom line, but sparing potential future victims from encountering the virus.

As of today, more than 45,000 people have been infected by the Coronavirus worldwide, and more than 1,100 have died; in the US, only 13 people have been confirmed to have the virus, but the potential for spreading is much higher as it is easy to contract through airborne methods. Make sure to wash your hands frequently with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds to rid your skin of the virus and avoid anyone who coughs without covering their mouths.

As the US government, CDC, and World Health Organizations seek a way to contain the 2019 novel Coronavirus, many industries will take hits as goods and services from China are halted. Fewer trucks on the roads theoretically would mean fewer Texas trucking accidents, however, as a trucking recession is still ongoing, it could mean financial ruin for some drivers and companies. Check-in with our blog regularly for more updates about the Texas and New Mexico trucking industries and contact us if you need a Texas trucking accident lawyer to represent you.

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