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New Trucking Platform Revolutionizes the Industry

truck driving with binary code on the side

Hundreds of trucking companies, particularly single-vehicle operators and shippers, are flocking to a digital freight startup out of Scottsdale, Arizona, to optimize their truckloads and cargo. Emerge, a cloud-based freight contract optimization start-up has created a new, private marketplace for shippers, connecting them to carrier rates to completely fill their truckloads and not fall susceptible to space waste.

The company was created by a pair of brothers familiar with freight transport and logistics; Emerge eliminates emails and spreadsheets and instead opts for a real-time, open market so shippers and carriers can get the best deals on rates. When shippers use the platform, they are presented the bates rates based on delivery time, acceptance rate from the truck/driver, and overall cost.

Emerge has recently raised $20 million to increase and expand its operations to fill truck beds and eliminate wasted space/inefficiencies in trucking logistics; they are seeking to double that number in the coming months – and investors are lining up to be a part of the movement. With more filled trucks, there may be fewer runs overall, which could reduce the number of New Mexico and Texas trucking accidents that occur daily.

As time rolls on, the old ways of doing business die out and new companies emerge with simpler solutions to save time, create new jobs, and increase profits. We look forward to seeing what Emerge does and if they continue to garner more attention and earn more financing. In the meantime, we wish the best for trucking companies as we get through this recession. If you ever need a Texas trucking accident lawyer, call our offices to discuss the details of your case and learn how we can help you.

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