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New Hampshire Truck Driver High on Drugs Kills 7

motorcycle pulled over on the side of an open road

Driving trucks is a great career almost anyone can train to enjoy comfortable pay, longevity, and sightseeing depending on the length of runs taken. One drawback to being a truck driver is the loneliness of being on the road constantly and dealing with distracted drivers, roadblocks, traffic, and more daily. As a result, some may develop bad habits including drinking, or doing drugs as is the case with one younger New Hampshire truck driver this month. Drugs can ruin a life when isolated to the use of one person, but if that person steps behind the wheel, especially of a truck, every other person on the road is at risk of injury.

The New Hampshire truck driver proves this point as he is currently responsible for the deaths of seven motorcyclists after crossing a double yellow line on the highway. At the time of his arrest after the crash, he tested positive for narcotics or amphetamines and claims he was reaching for a drink when he crashed into the motorcyclists. As of current reports, neither the drug nor type of beverage was announced.

The driver is currently facing seven counts of negligent homicide, but this is not his first brush with the law and reckless driving. On his driving record, he has been involved in a rollover truck accident in Texas and has been arrested in six states for drug-related driving infractions. As a result, the trucking company that hired the driver is under investigation. As a matter of fact, a drunk driving incident in another New England state should have resulted in immediate removal of the youth’s commercial drivers license (CDL) per the law, but for unknown reasons, was not revoked.

Trucking accidents are often the most deadly due to the increased size and weight of the vehicles; when a driver is not properly trained, alert, and sober, catastrophes await with grave consequences. The death of seven motorcyclists could have been avoided by proper referencing, safety checks, and/or by the driver remaining sober during his shift. If you or a loved one has been affected by a trucking accident, especially one involving a drunk driver, contact our offices now to speak with a trucking accident lawyer to learn your rights and the next steps you should take. We can’t change the fact that a collision occurred, but we can help make sure that you are protected afterward.

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