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Truck Hits Schoolbus Carrying Children

Schoolbuses pullingup to the curb

A recent afternoon accident between a school bus and a semi-truck in Bailey County, Texas, has resulted in 10 children, the bus driver, and the truck driver being transported to various hospitals for evaluation. The children in the bus were heading home after a day of summer school classes. Despite minimal injuries, all parties ought to seek the counsel of a Texas trucking accident lawyer for coverage and peace of mind.

All children, fortunately, were unharmed in the crash, though they, their families, and the school are likely and understandably shaken up after the event. Despite the children being fine, it is standard protocol to have the children sent to a hospital to ensure their safety and wellbeing, rather than risk negligence. Following evaluations, the children were returned to the school. There are no reports of the bus driver sustaining any injury, serious or otherwise, but that the truck driver had incapacitating injuries, though no further details were given.

The school bus and semi-truck, which was carrying cattle, reportedly crashed on 214. Reports indicate that the truck was behind the school bus and as the bus was taking a turn onto CR-1028, the truck attempted to pass it and the collision occurred. The front left of the bus and the front of the truck sustained damage, but remained upright without any signs of overturning. Again, according to reports, the truck driver was admitted to the hospital with incapacitating injuries, but no additional details on his medical status have been issued.

At this point, no charges have been filed by any parties involved and the investigation is still ongoing. In our opinions, there is no guarantee a settlement will occur and the parties will go through their respective insurance companies; however, it is not entirely ruled out. Any party involved could theoretically seek damages as a result of the accident.

We are happy to hear that all 10 children are safe and did not sustain any serious injuries and that the drivers are being attended to by medical professionals. Trucking accidents are a serious matter, no matter the details. If you have been struck by a truck, or a truck driver involved in a collision, contact the well-versed professional Texas trucking accident lawyers at Buckingham & Vega to steer you through the legal mire to protect yourself, or file a claim. Contact us by phone, or email, or come into our office today to discuss the details of your accident and we can discuss how to move forward. Drive safely.

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