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Catastrophic Trucking Accidents

truck accident

Serious Lawyers for Serious Injuries

A recent New Mexico semi-truck collision has two drivers dead and their trucks in shambles. One driver swerved over a median and head-on collided with another on Interstate-40. The cause of the accident is still unknown and remains under investigation. There are a few common causes of trucking accidents that could have occurred. They are:


  • Truck drivers are required to take pit stops and rest along their route. New laws will soon require companies to pay their drivers for every hour spent on the job – including rest breaks – to encourage drivers to practice safe driving. When a driver is just anxious to get from point A to B, they will often try to go without sleep, putting everyone on the road at risk. They could fall asleep at the wheel or slip into what’s known as highway hypnosis, and cause a number of catastrophic accidents.


  • Truck drivers should never speed. The mass and weight of their vehicle can be up to 80,000 pounds. That is not a vehicle to mess around with. Not only is speeding causing a major hazard for other vehicles, but it makes it much more difficult to brake. Large trucks and 18-wheelers cannot brake the way smaller, lighter vehicles can. Speeding related accidents will often be the fault of the truck if involved in an accident.

Road Work​

  • Trucking accidents that are caused by faulty roads or non-maintained highways are often the fault of a third-party, whether it be the city, the construction company involved, or even the risk manager of the trucking company. If you are driving in an area that is unkempt, avoid all vehicles both small and large.

Truck Maintenance​

  • While truck companies are legally bound to maintain their vehicles, a lot can happen between picking up a truck and driving it across the country, or even state. The driver also holds responsibility for maintaining their vehicle. If you are in an accident involving a faulty truck or 18-wheeler, either the driver or trucking company will be held liable.

Truck drivers have a huge responsibility to uphold. Fellow drivers should never have to risk or lose their life by being on the road with big-rig trucks. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident with a large, 18-wheeler or semi-truck, please do not wait to take action. The attorneys at Buckingham & Vega Law Firm will support and represent your family to the best of their ability and stop at nothing to win your case.

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