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Seedy Trucking Companies


People often wonder why they should hire an attorney for their truck wreck accident. They claim that the trucking company ensures that they will take care of them without a lawsuit, offering up a pretty penny as bait. Unfortunately, many truck companies have ruined the reputation of all truck companies. They are known for being seedy and unreliable. Just recently, a truck company in Texas was convicted of fraud for lying about the date of a truck accident. One of their trucks got into an accident without having insurance. The company quickly purchased insurance the day after the accident and changed the date of the accident on their claim. The owner then told his employees to lie to adjusters and investigators. That’s not really the type of company you want to be doing under-the-table business with, in our opinion.

Multiple moving truck companies around the country have been caught advertising fraudulent prices for their moving services. Numerous families brought about claims where they were told one price for their moving services and then once their belongings had been packed into the truck, the price increased. People said that their belongings were either not returned to them until they agreed to pay the inflated price, or in some cases, their belongings were sold off due to the disagreement. Not only do big-rig and cargo truck companies have a poor reputation for having integrity, but also moving truck companies.

Another Texas truck-related fraud case involved an ex-trooper. One of the trooper's responsibilities was to distribute Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Inspection decals to trucks and companies that passed the inspection. In 2014 he was approached by the owner of two companies, Cruz and Sons Transportation and UGMA Logistics, to conduct Level 1 inspections. Over the course of 14 months, the trooper distributed 39 Level 1 decals. Level 1 decals are meant to be signs to authorities that show the truck has received very few violations, if any, which makes them less likely to be pulled over or inspected. This also means higher safety ratings and potentially lower insurance costs.

The fault does not entirely lay in the company's hands, either, as you can see. Truck drivers may also be to blame in some cases. One Texas truck driver was caught working while collecting benefits from an insurance company for Workers’ Compensation. He claimed to have been hurt on the job, putting him out of work, but then went off and started working for another truck company. This is considered to be ‘double dipping’. People are required to notify their insurance company when they return to work to avoid double dipping. The driver was convicted of a misdemeanor and is set to be on probation for one year.

The reason we stress the importance of an attorney for trucking accidents is because of these examples. We are reminded over and over again how untrustworthy truck companies and truck drivers can be. We hate that a few may be ruining it for the masses, but we prefer our clients not take the chance. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, are dealing with fraudulent activity from a truck company or need guidance on a truck-related issue, please do not hesitate to call the offices of Buckingham & Vega today.

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