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Violators Out of Business

front angle of a semi truck

A recent New York, private garbage truck company went out of business after multiple, continuous violations. The company also racked up two deaths while in business. This may seem like the right series of events, however, most truck companies do not lose their licenses or close down after a few violations, or even deaths. What we have seen, though, is what we’ve recently written about – chameleon cargo. Chameleon cargo are trucks running under the same company and management, but with new plate numbers or new business names. What does it take for a truck company to really get shut down?

The FMCSA, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, aims to do its best to create safe environments for everyone on the road. This includes public transportation, pedestrians, motor vehicles and more. Ultimately, they examine companies based on the way in which they provide safe driving for their drivers and fellow drivers and riders of the road. When the safety of anyone at all is compromised, that is when they choose to step in. Below we’ve outlined a few of the main reasons that truck companies have, or may, be shut down.


If a truck company is found committing any form of fraud, then they will immediately receive a violation, if not a suspension. Fraud can be committed in numerous ways. If a company is falsifying their driving logs, that is a red flag for the FMCSA. Driving logs are meant to provide an overview of the amount of time drivers are on the road versus resting, refueling and maintaining the upkeep of their vehicle, and so on and so forth. Companies may also commit fraud by lying to inspectors. When a truck company is inspected, they receive a thorough ‘check-up’, so to say. When a company or employee lies about their inspection – whether it be about the last time a truck received an oil change, tire rotations, or anything else that would compromise the safety of the vehicle – then they are committing fraud.

Unsafe Environments

When a worker is not properly trained for their job, they are likely to find themselves in unsafe situations. When a truck driver is not provided with their full job responsibilities or risks, then they are unable to properly perform their job. Recent employees of a recently shut down cargo company said that their bosses were encouraging them, forcefully, to drive longer hours than the FMCSA allows.


Any time a truck driver or company gets into an accident or causes any deaths or injuries, they are immediately put on the radar. The cause of the accident will also play a big role in the matter. Driver fatigue, which goes back to unsafe environments, and lack of upkeep are both major causes of accidents in the U.S.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident with a big-rig or large truck driver or company, call us today for a free consultation of your case. We will fight for your justice and rightful compensation.

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