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Truck Rollover Accidents


Whenever a car or truck is in a rollover accident, the outcome is often catastrophic. Especially with large, big-rig trucks and 18-wheelers, the sheer size of their vehicles is enough to cause a devastating result. There are a few main causes of rollover trucking accidents, outlined below. If you or a loved one are involved in a rollover trucking accident, it is best to seek guidance to receive the proper justice and recover the compensation you and your family deserve.


It requires much more time and distance for a truck to brake than your average-sized motor vehicle. A big-rig trucks’ brakes are holding the weight of an entire truck, sometimes including cargo, which weighs around 70,000 pounds on average. A common cause of rollover accidents is speeding. Trucks that are going too fast will try to brake to avoid an accident, which only causes them to skid and potentially rollover. When possible, give as much space as possible between your vehicle and large trucks. The distance you put between yourself and a big-rig truck can be life-saving.


One of the most important rules of the road is simply staying alert. Being attentive, and sober, can save lives. A recent accident in New Mexico left over 20 people injured and 3 dead. The cause of the accident remains unknown, however giving full attention to the road ahead can help prevent a crash or collision. With enough time to react and the proper distance, even just one extra moment to make a decision can be enough.

Insecure Cargo

If a truck is carrying too much or has not properly secured their cargo, this can cause major risks on the road. If cargo were to fall out or onto another vehicle or oncoming traffic, the outcome would be catastrophic. If you ever see a truck that seems unsafe, or like they are not in control of their vehicle, keep your distance and notify authorities. Sometimes trucks carry more weight than they are recommended and/or allowed to, which makes their vehicles twice as difficult to maneuver. If they are to swerve too harshly or lose control of their vehicle, it is likely that they may rollover.

Poor Road Conditions

You know the feeling of driving over an unexpected pothole? It’s frightening, makes your car jump a little and you feel totally out of control in the moment. Now imagine experiencing it in an 18-wheeler. For truck drivers, having proper road conditions makes a huge difference in their safety, as well as all fellow drivers. If you notice unsafe road conditions, notify authorities immediately. Even if there are no large trucks in view, there may be one at some point. If a large truck hits a big pothole, they could lose control of their vehicle and potentially rollover. Save a life. If you see something, say something.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a big-rig or large truck rollover accident, seek medical attention immediately. If you believe it is a wrongful death case or may be compensated for injuries or damages, the attorneys at Buckingham & Vega will help your family with the best representation in Albuquerque and Midland Texas. They have over twenty years of experience and will handle your case with care, trust and professionalism. Call today for a free evaluation.

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