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Why Hire an Attorney for an 18-Wheeler Accident?


Texas is one of the leading states with the highest number of trucking accidents. Due to the sheer size of 18-wheeler trucks, narrow roads, and long, straight highways, there are various factors that can lead to trucking accidents. Even in situations and accidents where it is very clear who the victim is, there are benefits to hiring an experienced attorney to handle your case.

We hear it all the time, “Why would I have needed an attorney? The trucking company compensated me almost instantly.” In instances where the responsible trucking company offers a pretty penny for the damages, even fatalities, incurred on behalf of the fault of their employee or company, it is often not even close to the amount they should have paid. Trucking companies have high liability insurance, so high that they don’t want to spend an extra cent on anything they don’t have to. When it comes to compensation, they know what the owe. They also know that if an experienced attorney is not handling the case, the average person would see the offer and swipe it up as soon as they could. In reality, it’s nothing in comparison to what they’re owed.

Being at fault for a crash or collision is a huge expense. Once you add medical expenses and damages into the mix, the number gets even bigger. Trucking companies are masters of denial. They will avoid taking responsibility at any and all cost. When dealing with a big rig trucking accident, it is best to seek professional guidance and advice on opening a case.

Here are three reasons you should hire an attorney in a trucking accident, rather than handling it yourself:

1. Trucking Companies Will Undervalue You

Just as previously stated, trucking companies will do their best to give as little monetary compensation as possible. They want to write you a check that is way less than you’re due and be on their way. Trucking companies want to do their best to remain under the radar and off the grid when it comes to accidents.

With an experienced attorney, we can accurately add up all the damages and compensation due. What most people don’t take into consideration are all the losses that do not have a price tag. Car damages and medical bills both have a clear and definitive cost. Quality of life and inability to work are losses that cannot always be accurately priced. With the help of a professional attorney with a history of working with trucking accidents, they will know exactly how much your case is worth, and do everything in their power to make sure you receive it.

2. Take The Time You Need

Anytime a crash or collision occurs with an 18-wheeler or big rig truck, a necessary amount of time to recover is required. Whether it be medical treatment or attention needed or simply recovering from the trauma of the event. With an attorney, you can take the time you need to heal and be with your family rather than worrying about handling a case. At Buckingham & Vega, we respect the families we work with and care for them as our own. Trucking accidents are often not a light case. With all the damages lost along the way, it is important to remain close to your loved ones, keeping everyone as at ease and peaceful as possible. Let us handle the stressors of the accident while you care for your family.

3. We Know The Rules

Above all, we are experienced in trucking accidents. We know what questions to ask, how to find out who the responsible party is and what the appropriate duration of the case should be. As previously mentioned, post-accident is not a time to Google search how to sue a trucking company. Let a professional handle the case. We’ve seen it all and want to help.

If you find yourself in a trucking accident in the state of Texas, call Buckingham & Vega today (505) 388-0066. One of our experienced attorneys would be happy to help you and offer a free consultation to get started.

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