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The Three What’s: Questions To Ask in a Trucking Accident


If you are involved in or are a witness to a trucking accident, there are a few big questions worth asking both parties involved. Crashes and collisions on the road can be traumatizing. Especially when involved with a vehicle as large as an 18-wheeler, the chances of major injuries, damages, even death, are high. Immediately post-accident is a crucial time for recording what exactly happened to cause the accident. Both parties should be asked these very important questions:

What time did you wake up this morning?

It’s no secret that truck drivers are on the road for long hours, sometimes at an unfathomable length of time. In order to complete a job, truck drivers may try to stay awake as long as they can, sleeping very little, and ultimately creating an unsafe environment for everyone around them. Getting proper rest is a huge problem with truck drivers and the trucking industry. If a driver cannot even recall when they woke up, chances are they haven’t slept in a while.

What were you doing just as the accident occurred?

This question is very important to both drivers. If phones were a distraction, that can be an issue. Texting while driving is illegal, and in New Mexico, a novice driver is not legally allowed to send or receive calls, even hands-free. A few other common distractions in trucking accidents are drivers eating, distracted by a radio call or trying to adjust mirrors. If ever there are distractions which caused the accident, it is almost always going to be the fault of the distracted driver.

What is your next stop?

If the truck driver’s next stop is a motel or resting stop, you may be able to extrapolate that they were in need of sleep. If the other driver involved was on the way to the hospital or work, they may have been rushing or speeding. Finding out where each driver was headed is a good indication of the type of hurry or mood they may have been in, letting us know what kind of state they were driving in.

Whether you are involved in a trucking accident, or simply witness to one, it is best to ask these questions before leaving the scene of the accident. Take note of the answers you receive, photograph as much as you can and be sure to contact an attorney sooner rather than later. Our team of attorneys at Buckingham & Vega Law specialize in New Mexico trucking accidents and can assist in your case. Call today for a free consultation.

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