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Gallbladder Surgery Injuries: When Hospitals May Be Liable

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In general, hospitals can be liable for the mistakes and negligent actions of their staff – like nurses. These facilities can also be liable when their policies or settings contribute to patients’ injuries.

In the context of gallbladder surgery injuries, hospital liability can come into play if or when:

  • Nurses leave surgical tools inside of patients.
  • Nurses fail to monitor post-operative patients, especially when these patients are clearly displaying signs of serious complications.
  • Surgeons, who are clearly incompetent and/or have a history of harming patients, are allowed to perform gallbladder removal surgery.
  • Hospitals lack sanitary or appropriate equipment (or operating rooms) for performing gallbladder removal surgeries.
  • Hospitals policies promote or increase the risk of surgical errors. This, for instance, can be the case if hospitals lack policies to prevent never events, to appropriately monitor patients after surgery, etc.

Here, it is also important to point out that, if a surgeon’s error (like mistakenly cutting a bile duct) has harmed a patient (and that surgeon does not have a history of incompetence), the hospital will not necessarily be liable. This is because surgeons are typically not considered to be hospital employees. In these situations, the surgeon (and/or other negligent medical professionals) can still be liable for patients’ injuries even if the hospital is not on the hook for them.

Proving Hospital Liability

When hospital liability may be a factor in a gallbladder surgery medical malpractice case, there can be a number of ways to prove liability. Some possible evidence for these cases can include (and is by no means limited to):

  • Hospital staffing records
  • Hospital policy documents
  • Patients’ medical records and test results
  • Testimony from expert medical witnesses.

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